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254mm Gyuto

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This gyuto was forged from 1095 High Carbon Steel. The blade is thick at the handle transition and then quickly tapers toward the heel and then again down the length of the blade. The heel and spine are rounded for comfort. It is 10" (254mm) in length making this a large chef knife.

The handle was sculpted stabilized Figured Maple with a Walnut accent. The blade and handle were designed to flow together and provide several different ergonomic grip options. While at first glance the assumption may be that the finger groove is for your index finger wrapping around the handle, the groove can also be used for your thumb in a modified pinch grip. The tip of the index and thumb are lightly touching creating a very secure and comfortable grip. In this configuration I find I have the control and blade alignment of the pinch grip, but maintain the power of the standard grip. 

The blade was clayed during heat treat and has a cloudy hamon. A light patina was applied to bring out the hamon and to help protect the blade from rust. The blade was sharpened to a razors edge. Every step of this process was completed in my workshop creating a one of a kind, hand-forged knife.

Steel: 1095 High Carbon
Handle: Stabilized Figured Maple with Walnut accent
Blade Length: 10" (254mm)
Weight: 10.2 oz.
Overal Length: 15.875" (403mm)
Heel Height: 2.5" (63.5mm)
Spine thickness at handle: .1875" (4.8mm)

254mm Gyuto
254mm Gyuto Sale price$1,175.00