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The Story of AlligatorHorse


An AlligatorHorse is a hybrid creature that is half horse, half alligator. It is extremely tough, yet agile; equal parts force and finesse.    

The AlligatorHorse was a term originally coined in the early days of the American frontier. To venture into the unknown wilds required immense courage and a fair share of confidence. You often had to convince yourself (and others) that you were up to the task. The proclamation “I’m half horse and half alligator" became a mantra for grit and agility. As the phrase grew in popularity, it was featured in song and its likeness was carved into the handles of knives.

While this hybrid creature obviously does not exist, I think the qualities it embodies represent a knife quite well. The blade is tough, aggressive, and a little dangerous; while the handle is strong, agile and responsive. For these reasons, I thought AlligatorHorse a fitting name. 


I have always enjoyed working with my hands and my head. I have always been creative yet practical. This is why bladesmithing quickly became a passion for me. Creating a great knife requires various ingredients in the proper amounts...

There is the science. The chemistry of the steel that informs the heat treatment required to develop a capable tool. The geometry of the edge that dictates the physics required for the edge to cut and track properly. The ergonomics of the handle that connect the user to the blade and provide an efficient and comfortable experience. 

There is also the artistry and craftsmanship. With a background as a visual artist, aesthetics and design have always been a passion of mine. I love creating beautiful and well-made things - things that will last and function well. The aesthetics of a great tool will invite you to pick it up and use it. 

The duality of bladesmithing is what I love most - form & function, art & science. Just like in life, creating a great knife is about finding balance. My goal is to create knives that are beautiful & functional, tenacious & spirited, tough & agile. My goal is to create AlligatorHorses.