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This bread knife is a special knife for me. It was commissioned by my cousin as a gift to my Aunt. She lives in a farm house that was built by my Grandmothers ancestors in the late 1800's. There are many special things about this house, but what is relevant here is the gigantic beehive oven built into the kitchen. Every year or so my Aunt organizes a bread baking day where friends and family can come and use the oven. Other family members and friends make apple butter all day outside. My cousin wanted to gift a bread knife to her on this special day and I was lucky to be able to make the trip this year.

The knife's handle is made from a cherry tree that was cut down several years ago on the farm and to accompany it I also made a serving / cutting board from a slice of the same tree. 

The blade was made from an old file found in my Uncle's barn. It is most likely W2 or 1095 Steel and created a very sharp edge. The serrations are hand filed and the blade maintains some of the original file texture.

I am happy to say that the knife sliced every loaf of bread this year (over 40) and I was told by the assembled panel of bread making experts that it performed excellently. I was very proud to get to create this heirloom knife for my family.

Steel: High carbon steel from old file
Handle: Stabilized Cherry and Walnut 

Blade Length: 10" 
Weight: 5.5 oz.

Overal Length: 15.5" 
Heel Height: 1.25" 
Spine thickness at handle: .125"