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Custom Kemuri Brisket Knife

SKU: AH-0029

This Brisket Knife was a commissioned piece. It was forged from 52100 High Carbon Steel. Grantons were ground in an alternating pattern down each side of the blade, which has a takohiki inspired shape and tanto tip. In fitting with the theme of this brisket knife, a forced patina was applied with BBQ sauce in a smokey pattern giving it it's grey color. I named this pattern Kemuri which is the Japanese word for smoke.

The handle was made from hybrid handle block provided by Outkast Blanks. It is made from stabilized Chestnut Oak and blue & silver resin. There are several areas that you can see though the handle and from the underside you can actually see the tang of the knife adding to the interest in the handle.

Steel: 52100 High Carbon
Handle: Stabilized Chestnut Oak, black dyed Maple and resin

Blade Length: 12.25" (311mm)
Weight: 7.2 oz
Overal Length: 19.125" (486mm)
Heel Height: 1.5" (38mm)