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165mm San Mai Western Nakiri

SKU: AH-0024

This San Mai Nakiri was forged from wrought iron with a 80crv2 high carbon steel core. It features a sculpted, western style handle made from stabilized apricot with a walnut accent. This wood has not been dyed in anyway and that the natural variation and color of the apricot is literally en fuego. The blade was etched to bring out the grain of the wrought iron and has a protective patina to prevent rust. 

The handle and blade were hand-rubbed with a mixture of purified mineral oil and beeswax. Every step of this process was completed in my workshop creating a one of a kind, hand-forged knife.

Steel: Wrought Iron and 80crv2 san mai
Handle: Stabilized Apricot and Walnut

Blade Length: 165mm (6.5")
Weight: 8.45 oz
Overal Length: 285mm (11.25")
Heel Height: 57mm (2.25")