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11" Custom Chef Knife

SKU: AH-0011

This chef knife was a custom order. The customer owned a large chef knife that had suffered a broken tip and asked if I could create a replacement. His original knife was a large chef knife.

I discussed some options with him and made a few recommendations based on his current knife and the characteristics I like to incorporate into my knives. This was not going to be a replication of his knife, but a new knife inspired by some characteristics of his old knife. I presented a design for the new knife in the form of a sketch.

The new knife is made of 80CRV2 steel, a very tough steel that would work well for a large knife that is called upon to do some heavy chopping. The blade was hand-forged to be 11" long and measure 3" at the heel. The blade also has a forced patina and some forge texture was left on the blade. This is a nice touch that immediately says this was a handmade knife.

This is a full tang knife with brass pins. It has an oversized stabilized walnut handle that has been ergonomically shaped for balance and control. 

The customer also requested a saya for this knife. The saya was made of walnut and has cork guides to help protect the blade and provide a secure fit. 

The handle and blade were hand-rubbed with a mixture of purified mineral oil and beeswax. Every step of this process was completed in my workshop, creating a one of a kind, hand-forged knife.

Steel:  80CRV2 High Carbon
Handle: Stabilized Walnut, Full Tang

Blade Length: 11" (280mm)
Weight: 1lb. 1oz.

Overal Length: 16.25" (413mm)
Heel Height: 3" (76mm)
Spine thickness at handle: .1875" (5mm)