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SKU: AH-0005

This paring knife was hand forged from 5160 bar stock. The handle was constructed of stabilized Cherry and Walnut. It was then attached to the blade and shaped into a light-weight, ergonomic shape and received a hand-rubbed Tung oil finish. 

The blade was then sharpened The handle and blade were hand-rubbed with a mixture of purified mineral oil and beeswax. Every step of this process was completed by me creating a one of a kind, hand-forged knife.

Steel: 5160 High Carbon
Handle: Stabilized Cherry and Walnut

Blade Length: 3.25" (82.5mm)
Weight:  1.2 oz.

Overal Length: 7.25" (184mm)
Spine thickness at handle: .075" (1.9mm)