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12" brisket KNIFE

SKU: AH-0042

This knife was forged from an old barn find file. While the exact steel type is not known it was a high quality tool steel that will hold a keen edge. When forging the file texture was left giving it a lot of character that will also help with food release. This would make a great brisket knife.

The knife's handle was sculpted from stabilized bog oak and maple. For those who are unfamiliar with bog oak - it is not necessarily oak. Long ago (maybe thousands of years ago) a tree fell into a bog. It sat in the sediment and gradually turned black. Because it was in such a low oxygen environment the wood did not decay like it normally would. It is a very neat material and obviously holds a lot of history. 

This knife is very light, agile and well balanced. It has a clayed hamon down the middle of the blade giving it even more character. The blade was etched to a dark grey and minimally polished to keep a dark and moody look.

Steel: Probably W2 or 1095 ? High Carbon
Handle: Stabilized Bog Oak and Maple

Blade Length: 12" 
Weight: 7.3 oz.

Overal Length: 17.625" 
Heel Height: 1.45" 
Spine thickness at handle: .125"