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High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel knives require a bit more maintenance than a stainless steel knife that you might be used to, but you will be rewarded with a higher level of cutting performance. Generally speaking, high-carbon edges can be sharper and stay that way longer; which is why many professional chefs choose them.

The only drawback to high-carbon steel is that it will rust if not properly cared for. The blade must be rinsed and dried by hand immediately after use, and never put in a dishwasher (btw, you should not put any knife in a dishwasher). If properly cared for, the blade will develop a patina over time that will help protect the knife steel from rust. As you use the knife, the metal will lose its shininess and will change an array of colors based on the food you cut with it, eventually settling into a medium to dark grey.

Some of our knives already have a patina or are on their way to developing one depending on the finish of the blade. Either way, you should know that your blade will not look as it does here after you start to use it. If you do not have experience with high-carbon steel knives this can be a bit a of a shock, but many have grown to love the organic nature and character of high-carbon knives and how they evolve and interact with you and your food.